At A Glance

BRILLIANT CONCEPTS is a Saudi based firm with international communication, Since establishing in Saudi Arabia in 2012, we have grown rapidly and gained experience at corporate level with the likes of Many international Brands. We have worked with some of the United States leading technologies across their core services of Marketing , Public Relations, Publishing & Events Management .The Firm diversified in 2012 by opening its Events departments working on some of the International & Local Projects .

BRILLIANT CONCEPTS operates in the entire communication field.
It carries out customized PR & Marketing campaigns. Advising the customers and planning campaigns and optimizing times and costs and above all maximizing the results coming out from every single resource

Your Private PR Consultant

BRILLIANT CONCEPTS carries out high impact PR projects and Creative Marketing works aimed at being acknowledged by the reference target of thecampaign.
BRILLIANT CONCEPTS works according creativity and dynamism strategies to create PR campaigns suitable for every kind of business to guarantee flexible and quality services.

We are a full Service PR & Marketing Firm which thanks to its flexible structure and to the net of partners is able to co-operate with SAUDI and multinational companies according to principles of efficency and creativity.